Villa Floridiana
Villa Floridiana

Purchased in 1817 by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon for his second wife , Lucia Migliaccio, Duchess of Floridia , which is not being queen could not reside in the dwellings official the Bourbon court , so Ferdinand wanted to provide a residence worthy of his rank and after have bought the mansion , in honor of his wife , he called Floridiana, made ​​her restored by the architect Antonio Niccolini , who between 1817 and 1819 transformed the old building in a beautiful neoclassical villa and the large park style romantic.
To add to the romantic atmosphere and picturesque park , Niccolini inserted a series of feints ruins , statues and architectural elements , some of which still exist. Recall among other things, the Ionic temple and the Theatre of Verzura even today, through the works of restructuring , used for the realization of events.

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